What does flickrstats do?

flickrstats automatically stores and graphs the statistical data from your flickr pro account, giving you stunning new insights into the way others access and view your photos and videos.

How does it work?

The stats available to 'pro' users through flickr.com only go back approximately 28 days. To ensure that you get a continuous data set, you would need to save this data at least once a month.

By authorising flickrstats to access your account, you can let flickrstats do that for you. It will retrieve your stats at regular intervals and store them in a database, from which it can generate interactive charts and graphs for you.

If you have used the old version of flickrstats, your existing stats generated from historical data will be imported. If you are new to flickrstats, a fresh user account is created for you. The app will then begin grabbing data for you via flickr's stats interface.

Authenticate the application today to ensure you retain a complete set of flickr statistical data!